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Message from the President and the Institutional Relationship and Sustainability Officer

What matters to society matters to Petrobras.  Better results allow for greater returns to society. Petrobras has become a strong and healthy company, a fact revealed by the operating and financial results in 2021, when we paid more than double our profits in the form of taxes and duties. We believe that this is the best way for the company to play its social role and be able to grow, invest, generate jobs, pay taxes, return dividends to shareholders, including the Federal Government, and effectively contribute to development in Brazil. We generate jobs and make more than BRL 100 billion in payments to suppliers and financial institutions.

And we didn’t stop there. In 2021, in order to help address the socio-economic impacts arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, we launched the Petrobras Gas Donation initiative. The initiative sought to help vulnerable families gain access to essential supplies, especially food and cooking gas. The program's actions total BRL 300 million and will benefit more than 4 million people by the end of 2022.

Additionally, in 2021, we took action as a response to the pandemic, with the allocation of oxygen cylinders, micro-oxygen plants, basic food baskets and medication kits for patient intubation. We donated a total of BRL101 million, and 84% of this total were financial donations. We also acted in a timely manner, understanding our social role in times of calamity. At the beginning of 2022, several regions of Brazil were affected by heavy floods, and we sought to support these communities, donating BRL 5.3 million to the states of Bahia, Minas Gerais and the municipality of Petrópolis/RJ.

In addition to the emergency actions necessary in times of pandemic and calamities, we voluntarily structured sponsorships and agreements supporting socio-environmental, cultural, sports, business, science and technology projects that totaled BRL 138 million. The socio-environmental projects contribute to improving the quality of life of the communities where we operate, and in an expanded way, to society and for the conservation of the environment. Our priorities are projects focused on Oceans, Forests, Sustainable Economic Development and Education.

Within the scope of environmental licensing processes, we invested BRL 220.8 million in 80 monitoring programs and projects dedicated to fauna and beaches and BRL107.7 million in socioeconomic impact mitigation and compensation projects.

We believe that promoting economic, social and environmental development in an integrated manner is not a simple task, but Petrobras believes that it is possible. To accomplish this, in September 2021, we reported our goal to achieve greenhouse gas emissions neutrality from the operations under our control (scope 1 and 2) and our intention to influence the same goal in non-operated assets, within a timeline compatible with the Paris Agreement. To achieve this objective, Petrobras contributes by: (i) investing resources and technologies in the production of low carbon oil in Brazil, generating energy, foreign exchange reserves, and significant wealth to finance responsible energy transition; (ii) investing in the ability to offer gas and dispatchable energy to enable the high share of renewables in the Brazilian electricity matrix; (iii) investing and prospecting new possibilities in products and businesses with lower carbon intensity; (iv) promoting research and development of new technologies and low carbon solutions and (v) investing in socio-environmental projects for the recovery and conservation of forests.

We also have taken on commitments that ensure a governance model that allows a balance between efficiency and control; to act with integrity and transparency, and zero tolerance for fraud and corruption.

We prioritized the development of impact initiatives that contribute to the solution of social and/or environmental problems, involving opportunities to work with our stakeholders. We are committed to the socio-economic development of the places where we operate and to increasing the quality of life for society, respecting human rights and the environment, in accordance with the principles of the United Nations Global Compact and inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals. Our efforts have been recognized, and in 2021 we returned to the Dow Jones SustainabilityTM World Index, which includes the global companies that ae sustainability leaders.


Joaquim Silva e Luna, Presidente
Joaquim Silva e Luna
Chief Executive Officer
Rafael Chaves
Institutional Relationship                                         
and Sustainability Officer

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