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Active and Transparent Communication

We classify stakeholders as groups of individuals and organizations that have common social, political, economic, environmental, or cultural issues and needs. They establish or may establish relationships with us and can influence or being influenced by our activities, business, and reputation. The selection of stakeholders that will be engaged is done through prioritization based on the analysis of relevance and impact, in addition to the existing relationships. The criteria can be different according to each interest group.

Our classification of stakeholders is shown in the following figure:


The unit responsible for business communication, brand management and relationship activities participates in risk analysis to support decisions on critical issues for the company. These activities are carried out from the perspective of the potential impacts on our image and reputation, which are consolidated with evaluations from other perspectives, such as the environment and people's health, compliance and finances. This analysis allows us to monitor the issues that most impact our relationship with stakeholders and our image with society. Such studies are presented to the Executive Board and the Board of Directors, according to their strategic relevance, and allow us to adopt the necessary measures to anticipate and mitigate potential impacts.


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