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Public Policies, Initiatives and Associations

Public policies

As provided for in article 238 of Law 6.404/1976, we can have our activities directed with the purpose of serving the public interest that justified our creation, that is, seeking to meet the objective of the national energy policy provided for in article 1, item V, of Law 9.478/1997, to guarantee the supply of oil products throughout the national territory. The contribution to the achievement of this public interest must be compatible with our corporate purpose and market conditions and must not jeopardize our profitability and our financial sustainability.

Our bylaws clearly indicate the relevant collective interest that justified our creation and formalize the requirements so that its execution is provided for under conditions different from those of any other private sector company operating in the same market. In this case, each fiscal year it will be up to the Federal Government to compensate for the difference between market conditions and the net income from operations or economic return of this obligation.

Associations and advocacy

Our relationship with the government is regulated by our Code of Ethical Conduct, in addition to other internal regulations such as the Institutional Relationship guidelines and the standards for Interactions with Public Agents. We seek to establish a relationship with the public authorities in compliance with the commitments set out in the aforementioned documents.

It is worth mentioning that the discussions held with the public authorities seek to defend our legitimate interests and the achievement of the objectives established in our Strategic Planning, always guided by the Code of Ethical Conduct, seeking to avoid inconsistencies when establishing a relationship with them.

In accordance with our Code of Ethical Conduct and the Petrobras Corruption Prevention Program (PPPC), we are committed to refusing support and contributions to political parties or political campaigns of candidates running for office, and no instances of non-compliance or complaints were made related to donations or political contributions in 2021.

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