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Protecting the environment

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Petrobras in particular, has been incorporating biodiversity requirements in line with national and international stakeholder trends. Careful biodiversity management is essential, especially because our operations are carried out primarily in Brazil, where there are many protected areas, endemic and threatened species in different biomes, and there may be interfaces between our facilities and these aspects of biodiversity.


Therefore, within the scope of our 2024-2028+ Strategic Plan, one of our ESG guidelines is “Promoting conservation, restoration and gains in biodiversity, seeking a net positive impact in the regions in which we operate”. In this sense, we are committed to achieving biodiversity gains by 2030, with a focus on forests and oceans, as illustrated in the following figure. 




In 2023, we supported 120 protected areas, in compliance with license conditions that deal with the Law of the National System of Nature Conservation Units (SNUC), through contributions to the ICMBio Environmental Compensation Fund and the Special Expense Fund for the Preservation of Biodiversity and Natural Resources – FPBRN, from the dovernment of the state of São Paulo. The amount allocated to these conservation units was BRL268.9 million.

2 Consolidated data from Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. and units operated by Transpetro



Despite all our efforts, in 2023 we recorded seven events involving oil and oil products spills with a volume greater than one barrel (which is equivalent to 159 liters). Of these spills, five occurred in an offshore environment, and two occurred in land environments.


No significant impacts were observed resulting from the spills, which were local and temporary in scope. None of the spills reached sensitive areas from a biodiversity point of view.


For all events, immediate contingency measures after the Emergency Response Plan was activated were taken, and an later assessment was done to analyze the overarching causes to prevent further occurrences. Events were communicated to public bodies in accordance with applicable legislation



Within the scope of voluntary socio-environmental investments, we support projects carried out by civil society organizations, aiming to boost the production of knowledge relevant to the business and promote positive social and environmental transformations in society and nature.


Through the Petrobras Socio-Environmental Program, initiatives focused on the ocean and forests are supported, which provide, in addition to environmental conservation and recovery, benefits such as job creation and increased income, food security, quality education and social development.


These initiatives covered 100 land and marine conservation units, including categories such as National Parks, Sustainable Development Reserves, Extractive Reserves, Ecological Stations, Environmental Protection Areas, among others, in addition to 20 Indigenous Lands and Quilombola Lands.


The following figure illustrates the distribution of protected areas covered by our socio-environmental investment in force in 2023, by state.


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