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Acting with integrity

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Engagement in public policies, advocacy, and financial support



Due to its size and relevance in the Brazilian economy, Petrobras can impact the development of public policies that promote energy security, environmental protection, and social well-being, including engagement with stakeholders in order to promote a more comprehensive and sustainable approach to the oil and gas industry. The material topic includes advocacy actions and impacts on subsidies, laws, and others, as well as investment in research, innovation, and technology to develop environmentally efficient and socially fair solutions.


Our company has played an important role in supporting and implementing public policies related to the energy transition in Brazil, seeking to align its strategies and investments with global goals and commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote cleaner and renewable energy sources. We also highlight the fundamental role we play in ensuring Brazil's energy security, contributing to the supply of oil products, natural gas, and other essential products for society.


Regarding public policies in the area of energy security, we contribute to the country on different fronts, for example, by allocating the majority of our oil and gas production to the domestic market and developing exploration and production and infrastructure projects that enable the increase in the supply of natural gas to the country.


Our investment in research, innovation and technology is increasingly working to develop environmentally efficient and socially fair solutions. In addition to our investments in oil and gas industry policies and innovation actions, wecontribute to public policies in the social area.


We also support sectoral associations that correspond to entities considered strategic for Petrobras' business (both national or international), through which the company and its representatives can exert influence and/or acquire relevant information and knowledge on various topics of interest by participating of debates, technical  groups, projects, commissions, events, exchange of best practices, among other forms of participation. These entities may or may not contain a formal member of Petrobras in their governance structure.

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